the piss cup

as we close out mental health awareness month, i would like to bring to your attention something that is altogether too common for those of us who are blessed to have variable minds. there are no shortage of people in white coats and button up sweaters trying to fix us, regardless of if we need it or not.

there are no shortage of drugs meant to solve the problem that is us. as of today, i take twelve different prescription pills, not including a handful of supplements as well.

which means there are no shortage of tests. no shortage of needles. no shortage of piss cups. we are human lab rats. besides the fact that it often takes forever to find the right meds, the meds, right or wrong, have side effects. which, funny thing, often leads to more meds.

more piss cups. more blood. more needles. we are the mentally ill, the variably minded. we are the united states of lab rats.

i don’t consider myself to be ill, yet i just offered enough blood to the gods of variable nature to repopulate a small town, and a piss cup or two for good measure. all because one of my meds has bred disease in a part of my body that has nothing to do with mental anything. first a nasal spray and a pain pill. now more pills, and another scheduled visit with the blood collector. somehow i know this will go on forever, just like my main pill assortment.

the lab rat feeling never truly goes away for me. poked and prodded, it just feels like a giant experiment. a non scientific method experiment. you would be amazed at how often guesswork plays into the treatment of an individual.

this is reality for many of us. the blood, the pills, ravaged by logical guessing and pinpoint needlework. this is our home, the united states of lab rats.