such blessed movement

the very fibers of my being become argumentative at the mention of sustained function. the liquefaction of my synapse firings result in movement. such blessed movement. not off of my shoulder but my frontal lobe. such blessed movement, beholden to no man nor god, such blessed movement, bowing down to no structure.

such blessed movement, responsible for the ideologies, responsible for the outbursts of in house logic, responsible for the macrophenomenal, nondescript philosophies of the subtleties of situational dynamics. this is it. the blessed movement of circular inflection has given birth to all that makes me more than than a basic bro. it has given birth to everything that makes me the meta boxer.

such blessed movement. how can i curse thee? how can i reprimand you for such sudden malfunction of physical entities no less fragile than the impulses that travel across them? cyclical and momentary, how dare i ask it to change?

how dare i. yet i do. i must. i cannot live this life one step further, aloof in the criminality of non involvement. such blessed movement, not yet overachieved in the area of over expression. i’m trying, hard as i might. such admissions of conditional minutia, released at angles of inflection unheard of, unspoken, yet broken. the fracturing of continuum based catch and release is the cost.

such blessed movement. such beautiful patterns. such a kaleidoscope. such a kaleidoscope. how can i ask it to change?

i must. the question is not why, but rather how. the ultimate heist, the ultimate fight, the rift in the reality of a mind. i must thieve, to the utmost ability of my impeccable timing, to the utmost considerations of my most deft skill. the truth is locked away in such circular patterns, rotating and cycling inwards, upon each furthering layer.

such blessed movement, tamed. shall it be so.